Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Marty burned a CD with the San Diego pictures. They just wouldn't work through email. There are 129 pictures on the CD. Don't worry, I am only going to use a few of them. And spread it out over a couple of posts.
Richard and Luis host Luis's family many Sundays. Food is very important to this family. Good food, spicy food, lots of food. The children play or swim. The teenagers play videos games or swim, and the adults watch them have fun. And all eat. Different families bring parts of the meal. They cook, they eat, they laugh, they tease. It is a good family to spend an afternoon with.
Below is food from the appetizer table. The left, celery and peppers stuffed with pimento cheese and with Benedictine. I made those two spreads.The large plate to the right is jicama with lime juice and some wonderful spices shaken over it.
More appetizers

Enjoying the food

Luis's Mom making rice for dinner, great rice!

Quality control

Pork cooked in banana leaves and then shredded.

Buffet line

One of the tables with family

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