Saturday, October 17, 2009


Even with the messed up shoulder, life goes on, sort of. I did not help with my first graders on Tuesday. I hurt so much I knew I would be hateful to the kids. (Just ask Marty how his week is going. ) And kids pull, tug, and hug. I could not handle that. So I called in sick.

I did get my nails done Tuesday. Vanity always trumps pain. Now to get there I had to drive through an awful storm. It was the tail end of a typhoon. Big rigs were blowing over, lines were down, but I had my nails done.

Wednesday I married couples. I thought how hard can that be? That left shoulder is not involved at all in a marriage ceremony. Right. I have the book to hold, license to hold, doors to open. I had to walk and breathe. Guess what, all that makes the shoulder move. But I lived through it.

Only one couple drove us crazy. The couple was from Mongolia and spoke little English. His teenage son was translating. The first clerk had to change the license several times. They couldn't decide how to spell their parents' names. I got the license and found two spelling errors (put in the computer by the couple), second clerk corrected and reprinted again. They"looked" at the license for the umpteenth time and said it was correct. I married them, we printed out the certified copy, and gave it to them. The father started yelling at the son, the names are misspelled. Clerk three corrects it again and printed it out. Four of us to get them married. And it took nearly 45 minutes longer from start to finish.

Last night we went to the Willows Theatre to see Barefoot in the Park. The play was great. Very well done and even though it is over 45 years old, it holds up. It is just a story about 2 newlyweds. Good fun. Go see it.

There was the strange woman sitting to my right at an angle toward me. Her feet in my space, her huge purse sitting partly in my lap. I did the spread the feet thing and moved her feet over, and every now and then I hip checked her purse. She would sigh and then move it more into her lap. But it kept coming back. At the intermissions it got really strange. She completely turned toward me and stared, intently. We got up the first intermission, but she was still there staring. Even through the play, staring away. The second intermission we sat and talked and she stared. Strange, strange woman.

The shoulder is better. I need a week of doing nothing for it to really heal up: no makeup, no using a curling iron, no blogging, no cleaning house, no making beds, no using the arm. Not going to happen. Life goes on and you do what you have to do. And you take lots of aspirin.

Well, must go iron shirts now.

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