Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today there were only 4 weddings. Slow, but interesting.

The first very interesting wedding gave me no warning. Two very NOW people from Afghanistan getting married. She was in a pin striped pant suit, he was in a wide striped suit. They seemed like a young hip modern couple. WRONG. When I asked if he took this woman as his wife, he stalled and then said, "I will accept her." After I pronounced them, no kiss, no hug, not even a hand shake. Can you say arranged marriage. They had us all fooled.

Then I had the really sweet couple but with a little baggage. She received her divorce decree two weeks ago. OK, maybe she had been separated a while. Well she had been busy, they had a month old baby. I know I am a little old fashioned. But get the divorce before you have a child with the next husband. Technically the baby was the first husband's, because she was married to him when the child was born. But it was husband number two's child.

The last couple I married was at first a little grating. I went out to get them and they just hit me wrong. It was a mixed race couple. They didn't have everyone there, they were sort of trashy looking. Well, my bad. Don't judge a book by its cover. When I called their names, 5, count them, 5 children walked up with them. These children were absolutely beautiful. Nothing like a mixed race to make gorgeous children. Their ages were 2, 3, 4, 7 , and 8. They were so well behaved, yet excited Mom and Dad were getting married. This couple was so sweet, so in love, and such outstanding parents. The children were well behaved, polite, and so normal acting. After the ceremony the children clapped and laughed and hugged Mom and Dad. Such a happy close family. They took the bad taste of the arranged marriage away.

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