Thursday, October 29, 2009


Monday's blog was a downer, I admit. But today I will put some happy things out there.

Wednesday at the marriage factory it was slow. But it was so sweet. Three weddings of long term relationships. One couple had an older teenager, another had two children the oldest around 13, and the final couple had a 6 year old daughter. The three couples had something else in common. They all had a child as the official witness. I thought that showed what loving families they were.

Yes, a 6 year old may be a witness. She was there, she could sign her name. And she signed it very well. Remember I work with 6 year olds all the time. This early in the school year to sign your first, middle, and last name is huge. Most 6 year olds can only do first alone, then will look to see how to spell the last name. And middle, forget it. This little darling printed all three with no help, staying in the tiny lines on the license and the souvenir certificate (adults don't stay in the little space we give them to write) and you could read it.

All three feel good weddings.

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