Thursday, October 22, 2009


Wednesday I arrived at the County building at 12:40. Marty needed my car and had dropped me early. I talked to people, I read, I walked around, I read some more. Where are all the couples? Around 2:30 finally a bride and groom. And 15 minutes later, another couple, and they were my favorite for the day. Maybe even for the year.

There is the groom, the bride, and the witness. The groom is beside himself with joy. He told me "This is the happiest day of my life." And the two women just giggled. Then he said, "She didn't know we were getting married today. I called A (the bride) and invited her to lunch. Then I called J (witness) and invited her to lunch. Then I brought them here and we are getting married." I laughed and said that is really sweet and romantic. Where did you go to lunch? Then they all laughed and said, no lunch. I did a ceremony with all the sweet nothings. They said their family would kill them for running off. So we planned the big reception they will have and I gave them a copy of the ceremony. That way they can reenact it when the family comes. Just a lovely couple and so much in love. Oh, he was taking them to a special Italian place for a fancy dinner that night. Loved them!

At 3:40 the clerks asked if I could stay late. They had several couples just now punching in and it would run late. I told them I was there until 4:30, then I had to leave. They ground out the paperwork and I began.

The last couple was brought up to me about 4:15, I could do this and they would never know I was in a rush. The license had been bought a couple of weeks ago. Lovely wedding dress, four of the women were in violet strapless chiffon dresses, most of the men were in traditional Filipino wedding shirts. Cameras and rings at the ready. Lots of family and friends there. I thought this might beat out the fun surprise wedding. This was a well planned out wedding. Almost.

One of our clerks walked by the doors into the marriage desk office. The bride squealed, "Oh, there is X my best friend." I asked if she wanted me to see if X could take a break and be there for the wedding. Yes, oh yes. I went to X and she is sobbing, being held by the marriage desk clerk. Her "best friend" had told her nothing about the wedding. X is devastated. I had thought X knew and because she was working didn't think she could come. X also is a marriage commissioner and could have done the ceremony if given warning. Some best friend.

That made such a bad taste in my mouth. I married them, but I didn't like them.

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