Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There will be pictures of the trip, I promise. I have lots of pix to download and stories to tell. But I have had a couple of problems.

The trip to San Diego did not go as planned. Saturday I woke up in terrible pain. (years ago I injured my rotator cuff and that radiates pain into my neck and down to my fingers) I had been babying my shoulder, but I guess not enough. All day Saturday I ate aspirin, iced, and cried. We won't even discuss that night. Sunday was some better, I stopped crying.

Monday we came home, I helped drive. Shouldn't have done that. Last night, ugly. Today, not so nice either.

And our modem died while we were gone. Marty spent most of today getting our computers back up and running.

Stay tuned/


Sue T. said...

Janet, I'm soooo sorry to hear about your problems. As a fellow shoulder pain sufferer, I can empathize. Feel better soon!!

kts said...

Hope you feel much better soon!