Friday, October 2, 2009


First off let me say shiny always looks spelled wrong. I even looked it up, I want another n or even an e.

What was shiny? Cars and more cars. Lasts night I went with a friend to a trade show at the Blackhawk Museum. The cars are in dark rooms with high powered spots on them. The Museum has cars from day one, celebrity cars, and tricked out cars we all have driven or ridden in.

Above a Ford Thunderbird, after they ruined it by adding a back seat. But it was cool to ride in this. Guy Bait.

Bugatti We all wish we could afford this one.

Shiny, lots of shiny cars

These cars are really shiny. More so than the day they were driven off the car lot. They look as if they are painted with acrylics. The museum is well worth a trip. Three floors of cars. And each car more beautiful than the last one.

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kts said...

Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary!
Wish I could take you out to celebrate in one of those fancy cars, but ye olde honda will have to do!