Friday, October 9, 2009


Late last October we made a road trip to San Diego. If you remember it was an exciting ride. Yesterday we drove down again to visit friends. It was a very calm, nice, too long drive.

As I have mentioned I love road trips with Marty. We listen to good music, this trip it was satellite 50's channel the whole way. We laugh together and we talk. Not about what we have to do today, or what to cook. We talk: we discussed the water bill, we talked about one of Marty's clients, we talked about friends going through a hard time. We talked about serious stuff. We also pranked called Marty's brother (well it is a very long drive, we needed entertainment.)

We looked at the cars, trucks, and RVs we were passing. Yes, very little is fast enough to pass us. We decided the recession is really over. Lots of new, big shiny pickup trucks, huge beautiful ones. Hey, I am a Southern Belle, we love pickups, I learned to shift gears on a pickup. The 18 wheelers were huge and new looking. And the RVS, hundreds of them . . greyhound bus size, new and getting about 6 miles to a gallon. People, if they can drive those gas hogs there is a lot of money out there. We saw one pulling a pickup truck with a camper shell that was pulling motorcycles. I'm thinking 2 miles to a gallon.

We are staying with friends Richard and Luis. They have an incredible home. It is just beautiful and so relaxing. We feel as if we are staying at a 5 star hotel, only better. If time I will post some pix of it. It looks like a hacienda on a mountain top.

Stay tuned.

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