Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changed it up

OK,  I have changed the look of the blog a little bit.  And I added ways to share it.  I have no idea if the sharing works, I just clicked on the option and those buttons popped up.  Anyway, if you want to share it, now it should be easier.  I have no problem with my readers' numbers growing.  So share away.  Please, share away.

I am not sure about the picture.  It is so big, but that was my only choice, I think.  We will see about that one.

There are new layouts and colors available.  I like the dramatic look of the dark dark colors, but they are really difficult to read.  And then I am back to the earlier problem that links don't show up.  So the old colors will continue.

I now am going to see if I can make commenting easier.  That one I can't find the options I want. 

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