Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As promised I will do a quick summary of last week's weddings.  Monday I only had 3 ceremonies to perform.  Wednesday I had 7 couples to marry.  Most were fairly normal.  But one wedding stands out for all the wrong reasons.

I had one couple who were having "a real wedding in October".  The bride refused to let her witness take pictures.  No need, "this isn't our real wedding."  If what I am doing isn't real, why the hell bother to do it?

The majority of the couples were sweet, very in love, and easy to work with.  And then we had the snippy bride and her wandering father.

There was a large group with the couple.  They were all from India.  The women were in lovely saris.  And some of the men wore turbans.  It was a striking looking group.  Their license was on the back counter with a note on it:  waiting for a witness.  The couple was told to come to the desk and notify the clerk when the witness arrived.  Then I would be given the license.  The license sat there for over an hour.  It is close to 4:00 when we technically quit doing weddings.  I said I would go out and see if they have heard from the witness.  Yes the witness is there, why haven't they been called.  UH, you didn't tell us.  I say we can go upstairs now and do the ceremony.  And the bride says we have to wait.  Her father isn't there.  Where is he?  And the snippy rich bride talking to the hired help, says,"He's outside, just wait."  So I said how long before he can get back in here?  If everyone isn't here, then I take the next couple.  And she really got snippy and said, "I can see him across the street, you just wait until he comes in, he won't be long."  I said no. Others are ready and waiting.   As I walked off, they ran to get him and called me back.  So we went upstairs, two elevators full.

We arrived  in the wedding room and I realize the father is not with us.  I was ready to start the ceremony, and the Bride said you have to wait. I said no waiting again for him. Other couples are waiting and he isn't one of the legal witnesses.  We are doing it now or it isn't happening.  About half way through the father wandered in.

If the bride had not been such a uppity bitch, I would have waited to start the ceremony.  But she was so rude I just wanted them out of the building.

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