Sunday, July 11, 2010


This has been a very long weekend.  Not in a good way like last weekend with the holiday.  No, this was alone in the house, no one to talk to, no one to protect me from the night monsters, Marty out of town long.

Marty was in Simi Valley for a billiard tournament.  Our good friend Luis and his team were playing in it. Marty is Luis' groupie.  Luis used to live in San Francisco and Marty went every Tuesday night to watch Luis and his team play.  When there were tournaments out of town, Las Vegas, Long Beach where ever, Marty tried to go.  Luis moved to San Diego and now Marty only gets to see him play at tournaments. 

Marty flew down Friday and will come back tonight, Sunday.  He has had a lovely time. I was home alone.

Those who know me well, know I am the coward of the county.  I don't do well in a house alone at night.  Years ago I would pack up my baby and go stay with friends when Marty traveled.  I have progressed to staying alone in my own home.  But I really don't like it. When he travels, I try to keep busy and to act like every thing is normal.  Well, normal for me.

Saturday I met a friend for lunch in Alameda at Angela's Bistro.  If you live in the Bay Area, I suggest you try this place out.  Really nice tasty lunch.  The beauty of this lunch was learning about my friend.  We are new friends and are just finding out the other's life history.  It was a fun and interesting lunch.  And then I went home to my empty house.

I have been sort of productive this weekend. I have had several long conversations with friends and family across the country. I bought some fresh produce. I have done laundry and ironed.  I gave the house a lick and a promise.  And I have read. 

But that doesn't fill up the hours.  Marty isn't home and the house feels wrong. I miss him.  Three and a half hours until I pick him up at the airport.

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Sue T. said...

When Joe has had to go out of town, I've been grateful for two things: my dog, and my burglar alarm. I feel lonely, but safe.

By the way, have you seen Avenue Q at the Willows yet? I've seen it twice in New York, and have heard that this production is very good.