Saturday, July 31, 2010


Monday was very very busy. Between 1:00 and 4:45, I performed 11 ceremonies and took up 4 to be done in Spanish.  That's a lot of people to marry and to make feel as if they are the only customers that day.  I think we did a good job. 

One couple were dressed very casually.  But their three year old daughter was dressed to the teeth.  She had on a white satin dress.  It was embroidered with silver thread and the pattern had cut outs around the bottom of the dress. The little dress had an attached cape matching the dress.  Oh and it had sparkles on it.

I looked at one license and saw the couple lived on the street from one of our old neighborhoods.  They moved in about the time we moved out. I told them I used to live close to where they do now.  And  I promised I would not tell anyone about them marrying.  You may think you know the neighborhood.  Remember we have moved at least 10 times. 

Another couple was dressed up for the ceremony.  She had on a white strapless satin dress that had beading on the bodice.  Her hair was up, in large, sprayed within an inch of their life, curls.  He had on a dark suit.  A large group was with them, maybe 20 people.  And it was strange.  No joy in the room.  No feeling of attraction between the bride and groom.  When I pronounced them married, dead silence in the room.  They didn't kiss, let alone hug.  This was not a happy event.

The next wedding there was joy and happiness.  The couple was from Florida and here for a conference.  They found a witness in the lobby and we did the ceremony.  They were so in love, so happy, and they made up for the wedding before them.

Wednesday was a little slower.  I only married 6 couples.  It was a nicely paced afternoon.

One couple had been together 7 years.  They were "just marrying for the legal rights".  They were sure there would be no difference in their lives.  Well, he started crying, and she flat out lost it.  She couldn't talk, she was so moved. I had to wait for her to pull it together so she could do her vows,  Afterwards they both commented on how surprised they were to be so emotional. 

One couple was in their 40's.  This was the fourth marriage for each of them.  They were all dressed up.  She is a yellow chiffon print with yellow heels.  He had on a dark suit with a yellow shirt and tie to match her.  As we are walking to the elevator the bride exclaimed, "She has on tennis shoes!"  Guilty.  But in my defense they were cute and in a purple tone to match my silk jacket.  Then they kept asking me when I was going to put on my robe.  I had to disappoint them and tell them I don't wear a robe. 

The last couple this week was interesting.  He was 66, she was 41.   They were divorced from each other 3 years ago and were remarrying.  He kept telling everyone in the lobby that they were remarrying.  They were a very happy couple.  And the children were happy too.   I left them at the marriage desk to get their certified copy of the license.  I headed to the elevator.  The groom came rushing out to me and had a fist full of 20s.  He wanted to give them to me for doing the ceremony.  It was a lot of money, but I turned it down.  We are not allowed to take money.  DAMMIT! 

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