Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July

Every year since 2000 we have gone to a neighborhood Fourth of July party in the Oakland Hills.  Our hosts live on one of the highest points in the Hills.  They have a $1,000,000 view of all the bridges on the San Francisco Bay and of San Francisco.  They have a view of at 10 least cities that have fireworks the night of the Fourth.  The view is incredible.  But usually we have to look quickly.  This time of year we have fog, lots of fog.  We have seen fireworks maybe twice.  We might see the beginning and then the fog roars in and we see colored fog. 

Yesterday the weather forecast was warm and clear.  WRONG!  By the time we arrived, the temperature was dropping and the fog was coming in.  That is our tradition.  We don't watch the fireworks, we listen.  Below are some pictures of where we were, and the fog.

  This is the backyard of our hosts.

A bagpiper played during the party.  The house behind him is a neighbor.  It is a Mac Mansion.  We don't like it.  They took part of the view. 
Friends Lew and Nancy from the A Team.  Notice the white fluffy stuff behind them. 

You should be able to see Oakland and San Francisco.  The fog has hidden them and is advancing toward us.

Even closer.  At times the fog was against the fence.  It comes and goes.
This is looking east from the same house and about the same time.  Mt. Diablo is clear and sunny.

Sundown, the fog has covered the cities and the Hills.  We were so cold even though we were wearing parkas. We went inside to warm up.  We listened to the booms for awhile.  Then we went home.  Since we don't really expect to see fireworks we weren't disappointed.  We enjoy being with the neighbors from the old neighborhood.  That is the point of the pot luck party.

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vallerose said...

Fog doesn't begin to describe how difficult it was to drive home. We were on Grizzly Peak and at Centennial Drive were told to turn back because the road was closed due to worries about fires. We turned around and went to Marin where we proceeded to return home via Berkeley. At least there was no fog. We also heard rather than saw the fireworks.