Saturday, July 17, 2010


I get some interesting spam. The titles just jump out at you. Usually I just dump the folder after a quick check nothing important ended up there.  But sometimes I do look at it. And I am amazed at the subject matter.

How do they decide to send spam out?  It makes no sense to send me a link to cure erectile dysfunction. Those implants would do nothing for me.  And HOT GIRLS!  If they think I have erectile dysfunction that is just cruel.  Gay men want to date me. Singles are standing by for me to call/email.  All of this on one day.  A little confusing. Gay, impotent, willing to pay for women or men.  Just what do the spam demographers think I am?

I have also been offered breast implants, hair plugs, cures for toe fungus, and grants from the US government.  I can be a police officer. I can make millions by just sending my bank account number to Raj in South Africa.  I can work from home and be financially secure.  So many opportunities.  What to pick, what to do.  The mind is overwhelmed.

The grants seem the best offer.  I just have to be a woman and I can have money for education, a small business, housing and lots of other things. I am going for the housing and small business.  But I have to hurry, people are lining up now.


kts said...

I get no spam, at all, I am happy to say! Wonder if it is a provider issue?

Janet A said...

Gmail doesn't get spam. I don't know how they do that, but they do. Yahoo goes in cycles.