Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yes, I know, no wedding information this week.  I did 9 weddings, I kept notes.  Maybe Monday or Tuesday I can write up some of them.  I have not posted since Thursday. I have been a busy girl. I gave you all a hint of what was to come this weekend with my post about baking cookies.

Friday: laundry, a late lunch, grocery shopping and then some cooking, a Look at my pictures of Africa party.  Part of the cooking part, we were to bring appetizers.  I also was cooking food for Saturday.

Saturday:  No sleeping late, we loaded the cooler with the food going to Davis; then a late morning hair appointment.  Marty hit the grocery again for a few items for Saturday appetizers  We then drove north to Davis to take dinner to our nephew Tres, wife Casey, son Hall, and daughter Bella, who have just moved here.  Tres had just been transferred to Travis Air Force Base.. Marty helped Tres put together furniture.  I gave moral support for the cross country move they just endured. For dinner we brought appetizers, then a lovely supper:  salad; applesauce with nutmeg; fresh green beans with potatoes, sliced tomatoes, green onions; and an unbelievably wonderful tri tip. Then there were the wonderful chocolate chip cookies I had baked.

Sunday we had church and then our church group, Wine and Dine, met at a restaurant for lunch.  We then went home and I called home and talked to family.  Marty worked in the yard.  Then it was finally nap time.

Yes, a full weekend.  We are tired.  It was a lovely weekend.  But why do we always have everything on one weekend?  And then we sit home for several weekends with nothing fun to do?

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vallerose said...

There is rule, probably the 11th or 12th commandment that says, everything happens on one weekend in June or July and then nothing until December. It happens too often for it not to be written somewhere.