Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today Marty's brother was in the Bay Area on business. He flew into San Jose, checked into his hotel and them drove to Oakland to visit us. Our son Erik and his wife joined us and we had a family dinner. Lots of laughter.

Erik talked about when he was four and Uncle Keith took him for a ride on his motorcycle.   Then Granny took a motor cycle ride. One Christmas visit Uncle Keith let the nephews play pool on his new pool table.  That put him up there as Uncle of the Year.  Then Keith went for the Hall of Fame.  Uncle Keith showed the nephews the room where he loaded his own ammunition. He then blew up some black powder  in the room.  That made him the coolest uncle in the world.  Hall of Fame winner!

Thursday night our nephew Lee is coming to visit. We haven't seen him for a couple of years. I was so tickled when he called last month and asked if he could come visit. Lee is a charming, fun, and interesting person.

When he was a little boy, his Daddy and Papaw Jack spent an afternoon touring car dealerships.  They weren’t buying, ,just looking.  Lee fell in love with one car.   He told us when he grew up he was going to own a  Rolls Royce.  He hasn't bought one yet, but you have to  admit a great goal.

Sunday we are having another family dinner. This time my side of the family. Erik, Lee, and their cousin Tres can't remember when the three cousins have been together. We think maybe at Tres' wedding back in the 90s. And a wedding doesn't count, the groom does not remember what happened that day.

Family is great. Fun for visits because you have missed them so much. Family is great to bring back memories of another get together. This is a special week, Appel family and Triplett family visiting.  And wait until I blog next week.  Family!

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