Monday, February 20, 2012

Papa Jack and Mother Part 2

Mother and Papa Jack meet friends every Friday morning for brunch.  Who shows up each week varies.  Someone brings dessert and they eat that first.  Then they have breakfast.  On their Golden Anniversary the group had planned a surprise party for them.  They had balloons, cake, gifts, and cards.  They invited Marty, Ann, Henry, and me to join them.  Henry had to work, but the rest of us were there for the party.


Decorating the tables.


The happy couple.  They were really surprised.


The staff, including the manager, were in and out of the room.  They congratulated them, gave them cards, and gifts.


Another waitress, another gift.


Papa Jack checking out the cake and gifts.


Mother and  Papa Jack reading their cards. 

It was amazing to see the staff of a restaurant come in and hug customers.  Mother and Jack know all about the staff’s life.  They introduced Marty and me to all of them.  Pretty cool that they are so well loved.

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