Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine’s Day Wedding

In spite of my fussing about the lack of people to marry, it was a nice day.  We  had nice groups, beautiful outfits, tacky outfits, really rude people, and thieves.

Let’s begin with the thieves.  We had roses all over the lobbies.  There were also roses in the two wedding rooms.  One of the clerks looked up and a man was pulling roses out of ALL the vases.  That took some discussion.  I discussed the same problem with a group I ran into.

They were leaving after a wedding as I was waiting to go in.  Everyone had a rose.  I asked them to put them back as they were not souvenirs.  They couldn’t understand that.  Finally all except the bride put the roses back in the vases.  She was the bride, “she should get to keep hers”.  Sorry no.

It was a day of incredible red shoes.  We had patent leather platform shoes, animal print patent leather shoes, red shoes with sparkles, red fancy sneakers, red pointy toe cowboy boots.

Lots of gorgeous dresses: red brocade, white chiffon, silver with sequins, cream lace with with a chiffon skirt, white chiffon with a red burned velvet shawl, long traditional wedding dresses.

There were some tacky trashy outfits.  One guest who was a plus size wore a micro mini so short her underpants showed when she walked.

Groups ticked us off, but I will ignore them today.  I have to share with you the wedding of the day.  The groom was born in 1923, she was born in 1929. They had been together 48 years.  Their children and grandchildren were  so excited.  One part of the vow ceremony the couple each say,  “ forsaking all others, be faithful to you”. The groom said his vows, then the bride did.  When she said forsaking . . .  he shook his finger at her and said,  “remember that!”  And they both roared with laughter.  The best part they lived on Valentine Street.


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