Monday, February 13, 2012

Weddings from last week

Last week was very busy for me.  I  could only go to The Marriage Factory on Monday.  Monday was a very light day for weddings.

I married four couples last Monday.  Only two were blog worthy.  The first couple made a little fashion statement.  The groom wore  black slacks and a black shirt.  His shoes were the statement:  purple needle nose shoes.  You could not miss his shoes.

The plus sized bride wore white stretchy flannel looking tights.  She completed the look with a sleeveless silver sequined top, which was sequined only on the front.  The back was thin white cotton.  The crowning touch was her Pepto Bismol pink bra showing through.

There was a large group with them, maybe 20 people, all glued to their cell phones.  I asked them to please mute the phones, they all kept talking.  Even the bride and groom were on the phone.  After several requests, I ordered the phones turned off, not just muted.  Did not faze them.  Many of them kept talking, not even whispering.  I pronounced the couple married, they both whipped out their phones and started making calls. 

The second couple the groom was white and  65. The bride was Chinese and 35.  She wore a heavy lace top over very very short heavy lace hot pants.  The groom had been married twice before.  His son, who was around 14, was his Best Man.  The bride’s parents stood with her.

She had lots of family attending the weddings.  Her family was very traditional Chinese, few of whom spoke English.  I could still tell they were very happy and excited about this wedding.  The groom’s son, not so much.  He didn’t act out, he wasn’t rude.  He just looked so unhappy.

Tomorrow, February 14, is our Super Bowl at the Marriage Factory.  I will be there from 8:30-5:00.  In the past I have married as many as 29 couples on Valentine’s Day.  We have more volunteers coming in this year.  So I don’t think I’ll be as busy as in the past.  I think the day will be at a fast pace, but not crazy as other years.  I will post later this week and let you know.

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