Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Papa Jack and Mother Part 3

We are now up to the main celebration of the 50th anniversary.  Marty, Hank, Ann, and I worked on this party for a year.  It went through many changes.  First we were having a dinner for family and friends.  Then we were going to have an Open House for family and friends .  Next we discussed a dinner just for family (children, grandchildren, siblings and all the spouses).  The winner was a dinner for Mother and Jack and their two children and spouses. 

We researched restaurants in Louisville, then Mother and Jack selected Rivue. Rivue is on the 25th floor and revolves.  Love songs from 1961 and 1962 were selected and a list given to the pianist.  A book of photos from the last 50 years was created.  We ordered a low centerpiece for the table.  It was made up yellow and golden roses in a gold bowl.  We were ready to go.

Or so I thought.  A friend at the Marriage factory asked me what I would say at the vow renewal ceremony.  Uh, hadn’t thought of that.  I didn’t think they would want one.  Checked with Little Brother and his wife, they thought maybe, ask Jack and Mother.  I did, and they wanted it. 

I wrote a ceremony, Marty printed it out on fancy paper with a gold border and we framed it.  Now we were ready for the party.


Hank picking wines and champagne for the night.  Notice the lovely centerpiece.


We were there early to be sure the staff knew what we wanted: song list to pianist, ceremony, toast with champagne, then appetizers.


Mother and Papa Jack have arrived.  We are almost ready for the ceremony.  But the main reason for this picture being included to to see the reflection of the bridges on the Ohio River( which belongs to Kentucky not Ohio).


After the vow ceremony, we presented them with the framed ceremony.  Marty filmed the ceremony and put it up on You tube for absent family and friends to see.


King Crab, oysters, and shrimp. Oysters for Marty and Ann.  The rest for all.


Huge shrimp just for Mother.  Then a plate of grilled scallops for all to share.


This is for the view of the city after dark.


More skyline after dark.


Don’t those olives look yummy?  They are really chocolate.  Everything on this free dessert cart is chocolate.

It was a spectacular evening.  Great food, incredible views, lots of laughter and a few tears as we went down memory lane. 

The elopement of the 44 year old widow and the 27 year old funeral home worker has been a huge success.  Love you Papa Jack and Mother.



Lisa said...

I didn't know that they eloped! No one mentioned that to me! Why was I the bad person when I eloped??? I was just following tradition I guess!

Anonymous said...

Everything was lovely, Janet. You all presented the sweet couple with a grand celebration. Pretty good kids in my book!!

Janet A said...

Lisa, it was a type of elopement. Mother talked to me and your mother before they left. We gave our blessings. A few of Jack's family knew. No one else was told until they could tell Aunt Mary T and Aunt Virginia in person 2 or 3 months later.