Monday, February 27, 2012

The Orchid Show

Sunday, Marty and I went to the Orchid Show in San Francisco.  Marty has grown orchids since the early 70s.  He buys plants and nurses them into blooming year after year.  He isn’t into breeding or working from seed.

This show brings growers from around the world.  The growers exhibit the flowers and also sell plants.  It is a wonderful beautiful show.

I took 102 pictures.  I have deleted 5 pictures.  I edited myself down to about 30 pictures.  As I write this blog I will edit some more.  But there will be lots of pictures that are there just because they are beautiful.  Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


As we entered the show they had a mock Golden Gate Bridge surrounded by orchids.  The theme this year was the bridge.  Marty is way up the bridge in the yellow shirt.


Not all orchids are beautiful.  This looks like dead ducks hanging to me.


This one is beautiful.


Information, beauty, and a rare seed capsule.


These are pitcher plants that are among the most expensive orchids.


This is another pitcher plant orchid.


This orchid has a strange puckered lip.  It really is interesting.


This cattleya was huge, and the colors are just wonderful


Some orchids are very very tiny.  The yellow flower is really many little flowers.


This shows a “woman” standing on the Golden Gate Bridge wearing orchids.  The woman in green would be me.


This is in black and white because Marty had on a yellow shirt and cream pants.  The lights to highlight the flowers made him one big white glare.


These phalaenopsis were huge.  The white ones were as big as a saucer.  Just beautiful.


The hand of about 4 inches, belongs to a little girl.  The cluster of orchids is made up of little tiny flowers.


These were so lovely.


A close up of the previous picture.


This plant won the best plant of the show.  All these yellow blooms are from one plant.  It was spectacular.

As usual the orchid show was wonderful.  Many of the plants we saw, Marty has in his greenhouse.  Many more we wanted to own.  But there is a point you have to say, no more room.  That is where we are now. 

From the pictures, you can see some orchids are very ordinary, some are ugly, and but most are absolutely spectacular.  It does your heart good to walk around and see and smell these wonderful plants.  I can’t wait for next year’s show.

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