Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back with the First Graders

Tuesday I finally was back at school.  I missed one Tuesday to marry couples on Valentine’s Day.  The next Tuesday we were on our flight home from Louisville.  I was glad to be back at school, and I think the children were glad I was back.

Lots of different areas of work going on: creative writing, phonics’ word sorting, writing word math problems, and working on their weather journals.  I went from table to table and helped when needed.

Then Ms. H asked me to test children on two Dolch word lists.  By 11:30 I had tested every child.  Most of them have really improved. 

Then it was story time.  Ms. H had given me a book to read to them,  Grace for President  by  Kelly S. DiPucchio.   This was an interesting book.  There were two teaching points, the Electoral College and a woman running for President. 

I don’t really understand the Electoral College.  I know each state has votes based on population.  I know 270 is the magic number.  But the whys and wherefores of not a popular vote but this College?  Still not sure.

The book does a good job showing how each state has X number of votes.  It goes into some detail at the end about the constitution setting this up.  The children seemed to understand on the level they were on.

Grace is a little girl who realizes no women have ever been president.  She decides to run for President.  The book shows her campaign and her opponent’s. 

We talked about women never being president and that same sentence came up, “That’s not fair.”  Children really want life to be fair.

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