Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I live in a very quiet neighborhood.  We do have one noisy motorcycle that roars up the street twice a day. Then he has to slam to a halt as he hits the speed bumps.  That makes me laugh.  But as I said very quiet.  Lights are out up and down the street by 10:00.  Most nights Marty and I are the only ones up making noise.  There is one little problem, car alarms.

The same alarms go off nearly every day/night. We can hear alarms going off several blocks away, and we hear the ones on our street. We have seen people sitting in their cars and they set off the alarms several times the same night.  People set off the alarms getting into their cars.  I don't understand that. You click unlock and the alarm turns off.   Some are quickly turned off, but some go on and on and on.  One neighbor sets her alarm off multiple times while she is washing the car.  How the hell do you do that?

We are lucky that usually these alarms don't get set off late at night or early morning.  But it is annoying.  If it were different cars, that would be forgivable.  But every time you get in your car, you set off the alarm?  That just makes you look stupid.

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