Monday, July 8, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, this is it

I check into the hospital at 6:45 A.M.PDT tomorrow.  I am really ticked at the early check in.  It is supposed to be an afternoon surgery.  That all got changed and I was bitchily told if that doesn't suit cancel and reschedule.  Of course that wasn't an option.  So we will leave the house at 5:45.  That will make me really rested before surgery. I go to bed at midnight. They won't need an anesthetic, I'll just fall asleep on my own.

At 8:30 the wire goes into the breast.  This will aid the surgeon in finding the tumor.  And the surgery is at 11:30.  So far I am fairly calm, the Margarita is helping.  Tomorrow I am sure I will be a nervous wreck.  I have had too many surgeries and they never get easier. 

I hope you will keep Marty, me, and the surgical team in your prayers, good thoughts.  When my head clears from the anesthetic, I will update. 


ButchCountry said...

you will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight and tomorrow, wishing you great success and a speedy recovery


Lee said...

Sending happy thoughts your way today Aunt Janet!