Sunday, July 7, 2013

Would have been a rant

When I began blogging, I planned to write about weddings, school, and to rant.  I have a temper and sometimes I need to express it.  Writing seemed a safe way to tell people off.  Nobody was going to read the stuff I wrote.  Well it seems I do have readers.  Many readers don't sign up as followers or comment.  How do I know they read my blog, they LIKE me on Facebook, they tell me in person, or they tell Marty.  You all, that cuts down on my rants against idiots you may know.

This morning I was in tears over a very hurtful omission.  I blasted an email to the one in charge.  I was ready to tell all on Facebook and my blog.  Then I thought, no  I know too many people that would hurt. I know who screwed up and not the first time.  Sadly not for the last time either.  Why should I be surprised?  Still it was hurtful and I will not forgive or forget.

So having nice readers makes me be nicer on my blog.  Damn, I was all fired up to cuss and everything.

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ButchCountry said...

I too find writing soothes the angry beast within,blogging also tempers what I write, though I have few followers they still make me stop and think before I write. but sometimes you just have to come out with all your guns blazing in order to vent then read what you wrote and rationally think it through,so I created a 2nd blog which I keep private in which I vent and think.

in any case I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing