Friday, July 26, 2013


Banks are the most annoying, non user friendly corporations in the world.  They use our money and hold it and won't let us use it.  They take forever to solve problems.  They  have not come into the electronic age. They hide behind automated phone systems so you will give up on calling them.  Some of them won't even let people buy change for a business.

Today I am trying to finish setting up my new computer. < SIDEBAR:  I did not want a new one, too expensive.  But no one seemed to be able to keep my old one working. >   I have screamed and cursed for a couple of days with all the new security nonsense that requires incredibly long passwords and codes.  But I am getting close to being done.  Today I was going to be brave and sync my IPhone to the new computer. That has not gone well at all.

I connected to ITunes to sync and a box came up.  Your bank information does not match your debit card. What? We changed the address in December. I know we did because we get mail from US Bank. I put in the card number, security code, and expiration date again, and again. Marty said he would try.  Nope, won't take it.  I was putting up laundry so I wouldn't punch a hole in the wall, Marty called US Bank.

Ten minutes of punching in numbers and getting the same spiel with no hope of a human, finally he gets someone.  We both tell him the problem, I give all the info again  He can't change the address. Talk about low man on the totem pole.  He can only answer the phone it sounds like. He must get a supervisor. Marty has an appointment and leaves me with the mess.  Yes it is my mess to fix, but I don't want to.  I want Marty to fix it.  Again I give all the info to an unfriendly . . . well I didn't like her attitude.  She won't change the address because I can not remember our old zip code. (We have moved at least 11 times since we married. My brain erases all info when we move, numbers are hard for me to remember.  I can't clutter my brain with old info.)  Finally I give her a couple of zips and one matches.

She will now change the address/phone number. And she says, by doing this change all info on our account will be updated.  (This just hit me, hope that doesn't mess up Marty.  We have different phone numbers.) Didn't work before so I don't really believe her.  Then the kicker, I can't use my card for at least 24 hours. Really, the address takes that long to crawl from her computer to the Bank's big important control center?

I just called Marty to update him.  He is going to stop where we set up our account between his appointments and find out what is going on.  This is the same bank that took 4 days to clear a check we deposited from our investment account.

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