Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weddings and Training

Wednesday they asked me to help train one of the staff, Clerk Y.  He had not been sworn yet as a Marriage Commissioner, he had just observed a couple of weddings.  I showed him how to check a license, and most importantly to ask is everyone here.  He was not as cocky as some I have helped to train, he brought a legal pad and wrote down my pearls of wisdom.

We had several types of weddings: same sex, hetero sex, bored with this, three sentences, and a double.  Y was lucky to see so many types of people that come through the Marriage Factory.  You need to be prepared for anything.

One wedding was two men who were in gorgeous suits.  The wedding was sweet, emotional, had lots and lots of guests.  But I have a question readers, what is up with leaving the brand tag stitched on the left sleeve and not picking out the stitching on the vent in the back of the coat?  Lots of men do this and to me it just looks wrong. It is a new fad?  Marty says they plan to take the suits back after the wedding.  What do you think?

The double wedding was interesting, couple 1 was 2 women and couple 2 was 2 men.  Neither couple had a witness, so they were each others witnesses.  I start telling them about the types of ceremony and both couples stop me cold.  They want the shortest ceremony there is, no fluff just do a quick legal ceremony.  And they do not want any pictures.  There is no need for any of that stuff.  With great reluctance I did the three sentence ceremony as a double wedding.  No kisses after the ceremony and they were ready to go.

Y commented on the difference in the feel in the room of the double wedding and the other weddings we had done.  He wanted more romance too.  But not our call, the couple gets the wedding they want.

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