Friday, July 5, 2013

Visit Part 2

The heat wave continued, each day a little hotter.  Ann and Henry were such good sports and acted as if the heat was no big deal.  They kept saying but there is no humidity.  That is true, hot here is a little better than hot in the South.  But past 90, humidity does not factor in, hot is hot.

Tuesday we stayed home and read.  Marty worked during the morning and made it home for lunch.  I had cooked a spiral ham and we had sandwiches.  Miss Ann asked if she could have some of the leftover pulled pork instead.  We let her.

For supper we went to Sizzler for the Endless Salad Bar.  We are talking 50 items, such as Tacos, Nachos, three kinds of soup, spinach salad, Cesar salad,  pastas, seafood salad, corn and peas salad, and lots and lots of other salads.  Oh did I mention ice cream sundaes and banana pudding? Endless means finish your plate and a clean plate appears for another trip to the Salad Bar. They made no money on us. Best value for $10.99 ever.  

Wednesday Marty fixed breakfast,  we all got cleaned up and then we went out.  Where to you ask?  The San Leandro Library.  I checked out books to entertain me next week as I recuperate after my surgery.  The rest of them picked out 5 DVDs for us to watch that night and the next day.  

We came home and started watching a movie.  One hour and 40 minutes in, it stopped.  Marty worked and worked, it would not progress.  Great disappointment, it was a really good movie.  For dinner we met Erik and Jennifer at a Thai restaurant.  I was a little nervous eating there, the Health Department certificate was Conditional Pass.  The food was good and no one got sick, so all is well. 

On the Fourth of July we still had record heat.  Marty again fixed us breakfast and we had a lazy day.  We all napped, read, and played on our computers.  Marty made a tomatillo sauce that was excellent. I put out the guacamole and chips.  Marty also made Margaritas to go with the theme of the snacks.  We had an all American dinner, hamburgers.  Then the movie marathon began.   The last movie was so depressing we had to watch some recorded shows to perk us back up.

This morning we left for the airport at 7:00 in the fog.  Ann and Henry were going home.  They got to enjoy our cool weather for such a short time.  Yesterday dead air and hot as hell.  Today we have fog and wind.  That would be Bay Area weather.

We had such a fun time.  I love to have them visit.  They go with the flow, and this time that was really important.  Record breaking heat, a 1 bedroom apartment with 1 bath, no extra space to store their belongings, a blow up bed, just a few things my guests had to put up with.  Oh and the BART strike which limited some of the places we could have taken them.

As I have said, it was a great week.  Lots of laughing, remembering, great food and wine, and some new experiences together.  Can't wait for them to come back again. 

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