Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Surgery is over!

First off, all is well.  The surgeon found no surprises!  The final lab report will come back within the next week.

Yesterday began at 4:45 as we dressed and drove to the hospital.  I was sent up to

I registered and was taken back for the procedure.  They let Marty come to the little waiting room with the good overstuffed chairs.  They even let him use his phone in a prohibited area.
Every woman's nightmare, the mammogram machine.  Thankfully for this procedure it is not cranked down all the way, just enough for the breast to be unmovable.

The wire went in the first try.  When they said don't move or we have to try again, I was very very still.  Evidently not everyone is. Incredible team for this procedure.

Then the wheel chair ride to pre op.  Why I suddenly wasn't allowed to walk I don't know. First all the clothes off and the lovely bulky paper gown on.

Isn't this a charming look?  I am a largish woman, and this bulky gown adds 25 pounds.
Lots of wires, needles, tubes. They are ready for any emergency.
Yes, I am telling Marty "DO NOT PUT THIS ON FACEBOOK!"  Of course he posted it. If I hadn't been tethered to an IV I would have ripped the camera out of his hands.  I look like I weigh 300 pounds here. And check out my tiny head.  Not my best look.  But look how handsome our son Erik is.  He rode his bike from work a couple of times to check on me. For you Corbin folks, he looks all Triplett when with Tripletts.  But with Appel men, all Appel.  The best of both worlds.
Guests are allowed in pre op.  It is another way to keep the patient calm.  I was sorta calm.  I was not tracking well, and when my surgeon came to check on me I asked him who he was.  A friend told me it was if I was already on the happy juice, yet I hadn't had anything.  I just was babbling so I couldn't think.  My family and friends kept laughing at me.
The care I received and the kindness to me and to Marty was wonderful.  Kaiser Permanente is a wonderful company to have for your health needs.  Thank you everyone on my surgical team. 
For some reason the comment section is not working.  So for Sue, the paw print on the gown is for the manufacturer  Bair Paws. 


Vallery Feldman said...

Glad all went well. Hope your recovery is quick

Sue T. said...

I'm confused as to why there's a paw print on your gown! Anyway, delighted to hear that all went well.

ButchCountry said...

So happy to hear that all went well, praying for a speedy recovery for you , thank you for the update and sharing