Saturday, October 12, 2013

Back with the First Graders and other stuff

Tuesday was a big day.  It was the first time I had driven since September 5.  I was more than a little nervous.  It was only 13 miles to the school, but rush hour traffic on a freeway can be exciting.  Was I ready?   The trip took 44 minutes, lots of idiots on the road, but I stayed cool.  No stress allowed.  I parked on campus with my new handicap placard.  That saved me the walk up and down hills, which I could not have done.

Once in the classroom, great joy by Ms. H.  Hugs all around.  She introduced me to the class and then we went to work.  She insisted I work at a table one on one with the students.  Not much walking around allowed.  I was to take it easy.  I helped the students correct and rewrite a story about Pajama Day.   They love to use upper case letter, even in the middle of a word.  We also worked on expanding sentences:  It was fun, became I had fun because we wore pajamas and slippers to school.  I asked them to tell what happened that day, and then they wrote it down.

Then I moved on to math.  Mostly they needed to finish pages, or show their work.  Finally I was allowed to walk around and check over the phonics workbooks.  She was right, I wasn't ready to do a lot of walking and bending over. 

I took my blood pressure and pulse during recess. And then I took my pills. I stretched out the time I usually do that so the class was out of the room.   As I was leaving Ms. H handed me flowers and a card.  Then a little girl came up, hugged me, and then kissed me.  Several children came up and hugged me.  That is why I volunteer, sweet little children.

I went home, had lunch and then had a nice long nap.  Tuesday night is my Book Group.  I had to be rested and strong for that.  I was driving myself and friend Kirsten to Book.

Book Group was great.  These are good friends who had prayed for me and sent me good wishes throughout my hospital stay.  We had a great discussion on a very difficult book.  The Wicked Girls is so well written and such a sad and upsetting story.   This is not a book for just anyone to read.  You have to understand it is tragic and the subject matter is gut wrenching. 

I was tired when I got home.  But I had done another normal day.  Even if I had to nap.  I had done it.

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