Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Yes, I have to confess to my terrible addiction, lists.  I love to make lists and then cross out or check off items as they are completed.  I feel almost saintly when my list is marked out.  I also confess if it is a short list, I will add things I have already done.  That way the list looks more important.

I keep a grocery list that is added to daily.  Parties always have their own grocery list and a menu list with alternative foods.  Then you have the getting ready list for parties: clean silver, wash wine glasses, etc. 

Holiday dinners bring out the worst in me in list making. First on the list which china to use.  Or will we use stoneware,  rectangle glass plates, or not fancy dancy china.  Then we have which flatware, stainless, my silver or  mother's silver.  From there we move on to glasses, and that will just bore you I have so many choices.  When all of this is decided, we set the table, and every bowl and platter is labeled with what goes in or on it.  

Now all of the above is just a smidgen of my list making.  Right now I am in full control yourself mode.  My brother and his wife are coming Thanksgiving Week.  I sooo want to make a list now.  I am the travel guide and need to send them lists of links to fun things to do or see.  I have to plan  meals and one is the biggest holiday meal in our family. I have to make room for two house guests in our smallish apartment. They will not arrive for over month, but my mind is going bonkers thinking of all that needs to be done.

They came in July for a week and we know the blow up bed works well.  That is checked off in my head.  But there was not enough drawer space for them.  According to Little Brother if wife Ann would just bring 2 pairs of shoes, one pair of jeans, one pair of dress slacks, and 7 tops she would have had room.  He said it not me.  Bless his heart he just doesn't understand women must be ready for any event.  I am working on a plan for more drawer space and closet space.

There are lots of things to do before they get here.  But as I said I will control myself.   But in  a couple of weeks let the lists begin!

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