Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here's what's going on

Here it is Wednesday and I feel as if the weekend should be here.  This has been a week of feeling puny.  That is the word I use when I'm not sick, don't feel well, just don't feel right.  I don't feel puny every day, just sometimes.  Sunday sort of puny.  Sunday night was just bad and with little sleep. 

When the alarm went off Monday I started to the shower.  Half way there I knew I needed more rest.  Listen to your body they preached in the hospital.  After calling the Marriage Factory to say sorry, back to bed I went.  I spent the day feeling off.  Not scary, just not normal. 

Tuesday the alarm went off, I felt normal.  Off to school I went.  Lots of walking around the classroom to check work, be sure work being done, and to hear each child read to me.  The walking is good for me, and I count it as part of my daily exercise.  I enjoyed my 3 hours working with the first graders, received some hugs and came home.  I did feel  tired when I got home.  I ate lunch, read some and then I took a long nap. 

Funny thing, I forgot to turn my iPhone's ringer back on after leaving the classroom.  I woke up from the long nap at 4:18. I was going to check Facebook on my phone when I saw I had received a text from Marty.  It said he would arrive at the BART station at 4:29.  Lucky I woke up when I did.  Otherwise he would have arrived, called me and it wouldn't have rung, and I wouldn't have answered.  That would have either ticked him off or scared the liver out of him.  Luckily we are less than 5 minutes from the station, so I was on time. 

Some days are good, some a little harder.  But even puny days are better than a good day a month or so ago.  This eating healthy stuff seems to be working.  I have lost 31 pounds.  Only a ton to go.  Friends say I sound like their ole Janet.  So it is all good. 

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