Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Columbus Day Weddings

Columbus Day is a Federal Holiday, but not all businesses or government agencies close.  Alameda County was open for business.  But not many people showed up for weddings or other business done by the County Recorder's Office.  We decided people thought we were closed.

I had only 4 ceremonies all morning long.  Clerk Q who does the Spanish and also English ceremonies if we get backed up, had no weddings Monday morning.  It was slow, but for me that was a good thing.  Sunday had been a bad day for me and I was worried about doing much on Monday.  My ceremonies were spaced out nicely, so I got to rest between couples.

Three couples really stand out in my mind.  A Hispanic couple in their early forties.  He was so solemn and matter of fact.  UNTIL I said, "Do you take this woman as your wife?"  He looked at her and broke out in a huge loving smile. Love just poured out of him.  Goosebumps time.

The next couple were from South Carolina.  This was a destination wedding for two men.  They found us on YELP and were impressed with our reviews.  They weren't sure who should stand on which side during the ceremony.  I asked them when they walked down the street and held hands, who was on which side?  They laughed and said, " We are from South Carolina, we don't hold hands much in public."  Good they could laugh about it, but a sad statement too.  The men were so happy and so emotional.  They were so pleased with our Wedding Room, and the kindness of the staff. 

Now for my favorite couple of the day.  They were in their early thirties, and casually dressed.  This was a spur of the moment wedding.  The bride was on her way to work.  He was on his way to pick up their kids at school.  She was not worried about her outfit.  But he worried about he looked.  He took off his hat and his hair was prematurely gray.  It was beautiful.  Silver at the temples with flecks of silver throughout.   He kept saying if he had known they were getting married he would have gotten a haircut first.  Then he worried about having on a T-shirt and jeans.  He was a head taller then his bride.  She was leaning against his shoulder, and every few seconds he leaned down and kissed the top of her head, and then hugged her.  I wanted to cry because it was so touching.  This couple radiated love and devotion.

This last couple is the prime example of why I volunteer.  I was so touched and happy doing that ceremony.

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