Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dispatches From The Marriage Factory: Dudes and Dudes

Another post from Joe.  Thanks Joe.

Some dudes marry other dudes. Get over it.

So read the T-shirt of one witness for a same-sex male couple.  Indeed
they do, in California and a growing list of other states and
countries.  Some chicks marry other chicks, too.  And I help them get
it done.  This week's couples included a double wedding, two pairs of
women who'd been together almost 35 years and had all known each other
even longer.

When I told my mother I wanted to start doing weddings to help
same-sex couples get the same rights I had, she told me that I had
confirmed what a good mother she was (just like Miss Janet!).  After
all, if I cared so much about justice, she must have instilled that in
me.  She was right.

You can imagine how devastated she was when Proposition 8 passed in
2008.  One of the main reasons for my enrollment at the Hall was gone,
as was the image of the progressive nature of California.  She
monitored the frustratingly slow pace of the challenges to both Prop 8
and DOMA.  She called me in jubilant voice when the Supreme Court
issued its rulings overturning both, so happy about something that
didn't directly affect her.  That's my mom.

Some dudes marry other dudes.  I make sure that happens.  'Cause my
mama raised me right.

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