Thursday, October 24, 2013

Monday, it must be time for weddings

Monday the BART strike was still on, so traffic was a mess.  We left early for Oakland and stayed off the Interstate.  Surface roads all the way.  There was traffic, but we were moving.  Until school zones. The crossing guards are power crazy. There were no children in the cross walk, nor in sight. NONE.  The crossing guard lowered her stop sign and traffic started moving.  She went ballistic: up popped the stop sign, she is screaming at us, and then blowing her whistle.  We all slam to a stop and wait and wait.  Some children stroll to the corner and we wait for them to cross.  Finally we made it to the county building and Marty drops me off at 8:30.

Again I am waiting.  No one is in the lobby.  No trains running and gridlock on the roads, people are having trouble getting to us.  Finally just before 10:00 I get my first couple to marry.  Business picked up after that.  It was a day with couples from many places: The Philippines, Cambodia, Tonga, Oakland, Oregon. I did 6 weddings before I left at 12:15.

The toddler girls stole the show as far as fashion.  One little girl had on a waltz length dress.  The dress was dark blue with a lighter blue underskirt.  She wore glitter covered silver slippers that matched the glitter silver polka dots on her dress.  When Daddy picked her up and hugged her, he ended up with glitter on his face.

Another little girl was in a muted gold knee length dress.  It also was sparkly.  She wore gold Mary Janes, and had a white flower in her hair.  She was the ring bearer and had a little beaded shoulder purse that held the rings. 

My brides all looked nice, one was even in an evening gown.  The grooms were dressed nicely too. But no one looked as great as the two little girls.

Technology now plays a part in weddings. My Minister had to tell a couple at their rehearsal to stop texting and pay attention.  I am sure he worded it nicer than that.  I try to control the texting and phones ringing. But peoples are so connected to their phones, they sometimes don't listen.  The technology is good though in many ways.  Pictures /recordings are taken with smart phones or iPads.  Distant family is called and can listen to the ceremony.  And some couples SKYPE family in other countries. 

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