Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yep, I did that

I have done a lot in my life, some fun, some important,  some awful, some not real smart.  After I did a dumb thing today, it made me think of some things I have done and lived to tell the story.

Swinging on vines over a creek with boulders in it.

Eating berries off an unknown bush on a dare.

Sledding down a hill thinking I could jump the little creek at the bottom.

Drag racing.

Scratching off.

Letting cute boys drive my Mother's car.

Driving cute football players to the bootlegger's.

Driving the get away car for the Dukes and Duchesses out midnight shopping for our banquet flowers.  I am sure Mrs. Pope just rolled over in her grave.

Backing into the side of the preacher's new car, the only car parked in the block.

Social Probation in college.  Long long story.  Just let us say picnic on the flooding Kentucky river, beer in my car, and I refused to give up names of attendees.

Hmmm, seems like cars were something that made me a little nutso.

There are more dumb things, I am a normal person.

Today my dumb thing?  I was walking to Pandora, Bill Haley channel, and Chubby Checker came on singing about doing the Twist.  So I did. I love the Twist. I once won a dance contest doing the Twist.  Of course that was 50 years or so ago.  My knees screamed at me , "Lady, you are no longer 18 years.  Stop it now!"

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