Monday, February 17, 2014

100th Day of School

When I taught back in the Olden Days, we didn't make a big deal of 100 days of school.  We didn't count to that day.  We did count down to Christmas Vacation, Spring Break, and the Last Day of School. Today for some reason, the 100th day is a big deal not just at Kaiser School.  This is a national thing.  Parties are held, books have been written about it, and projects are created.

I was not there on the 100th day.  It was the Friday before my day on Tuesday.  But I have pictures of the art/math projects.  Children brought in things to show how much 100 is.

Popcorn, candy, Cheerios, lots of different items to count

A 100 piece puzzle

Lego art work, macaroni in a bottle and glued down

Cheerios, Goldfish, hair clips, money, stickers, cough drops

Some of the books on 100 days.

The children did a great job using different materials to show 100.  Also they were creative in the displays.  Good job First Graders.

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