Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monday at the Marriage Factory

Monday was slow, really slow.  There were a couple of Spanish ceremonies and I did a couple of ceremonies.  We are afraid everyone is waiting for Valentine's Day, also a Friday and the start of a three day weekend.  Heaven help us.

One ceremony was almost boring.  The couple had little interest in the ceremony.  It was if they just wanted it over.  Before I could tell them they had time to take pictures while I got their certified copy, they were ready to walk out. 

The other wedding had more interplay.  It was a fairly large group of people.  I asked the magic question, "Is everybody here?"  The answer was no.  One of the grooms had not arrived yet.  They had bought the license last week.  On Monday Groom #1 had paid for the ceremony and given the information about the witnesses.  All that without telling the clerk groom #2 hadn't arrived yet. 

Finally we have two grooms and have the ceremony.  The grooms were very emotional and everyone was in tears. Lots of pictures were taken during the ceremony and after.  During the picture taking the license was signed by the witnesses and by me.  I told the group they had 2 more minutes for pictures while I finish up the legalities, and they must exit the room when I return. 

I gave the certified copy to the couple and asked everyone to gather their things and we would go downstairs.  (The lobby is filling up, I could have another license on my desk)  They told me to go ahead, they wanted to take more pictures.  They would stay upstairs for awhile. 

Just so you know, that did not happened.  I hurried their hineys out the door. 

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