Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recliner Update

Last week I posted about shopping for a recliner.  We did buy one from Costco.  We wanted to buy it online and get free delivery, but the chair we wanted wasn't an online item.  To have it delivered, non Costco truck company, was $90.  We said we would get it home.  Marty measured the box, it was too tall/wide to fit in our SUV.  Then he measured the two parts of the chair, they would fit.

We had Costco staff lift the box down on our flat cart.  They offered to load it in the car, but we knew they probably wouldn't want to be cutting the box away and then load it.  So we said, " we got this."  Marty cut the box at the bottom and we lifted out the first piece and I slid it onto the laid down seats.  Then the heavy part, about 100 pounds to lift.  We must have looked old and helpless.  A lovely young man stopped his truck and came to help us.  He lifted the chair up like it was nothing and slide it in the SUV.  I was thankful he came by.   Now to get it home and up the stairs.

I looked up and saw the table on the landing.  The chair won't make the turn. 

Table is moved and now to bounce this thing up those stairs.  Marty pulled the hand truck, I steadied it and pushed.  We made it to the living room.

Bottom of the new chair on the left.  On the right the old chair.  Marty decided if he can find 20 year old parts, he can fix the broken steel bracket.  So far, no luck.  Right now the old one is still living with us.

The back of the new chair ready to be slipped onto the steel brackets.

 MINE!  Now we are ready to rearrange the living room to fit in the extra chair.  I really thought the red one was going to the curb.  Right now chairs are lined up like a furniture store.

The new rocker/recliner.  Love it.  

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