Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What can I say, I am a Drama Queen

Valentine's Day I married couples all day.  Marty and I then went out for a drink and appetizers.  Later that evening I did not feel normal.  I could feel my heart beating, and it was getting faster.  I felt as if my whole body was vibrating.  We checked my pulse and blood pressure, not good.  With the blood pressure sky high and the pulse in crazy land, the Advice Nurse at Kaiser said go to an ER now.

We arrived around midnight and Triage did their thing.  I was put in a room and treatment began.  First gallons of blood drawn.  IVs started.  After multiple doses of an IV heart medication, I was back in the normal range.   They watched me for a while and decided it was safe to go home.  I was discharged at 7:30.   When we got home, we took long naps.  Both of us were exhausted.

We had realized we were in for a long night, so we posted on Facebook for friends and family to know what was going on.  We were going to call/text family and thought why wake up people.  They can't do anything and we had nothing to tell them.  We knew family all checked Facebook and it was the best and easiest for us to get out info. 

I have done a lot of resting since Saturday.  I have done some slow walking.  I found I have lost strength and zip.  Today I had a follow up visit with my primary care doctor.  He cut dosage on one medication, it is working too well, blood pressure and pulse dropping too low.  Right this doesn't make sense with the ER visit.  But in my normal life it does.  I do not need  to go to see him for 6 months. 

In spite of this set back, I am really doing well.  I have lost a ton of weight and will continue to work on that.   I am eating healthy.  And my vitals are 99% of the time in a safe range.  It is that 1% when the A-Fib kicks in that causes the excitement.

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