Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food Truck Mafia

Tuesday afternoon I saw my doctor for the follow up after my ER visit. .   After a visit to the pharmacy we came home.   We were both tired and decided to nap before fixing supper.  We woke up at 6:30, a little late to start cooking.  Plus neither of us wanted to cook.  So we decided to go to the Tuesday night Street Eats  just a few blocks away.  The Food Truck Mafia was in town. 

I have eaten at food trucks since the early 80's, they were called Roach Coaches back then. They were fairly basic: sandwiches, burritos, and salad.   Now they are highly specialized with incredible food.  You can get desserts, pulled pork, coconut shrimp balls, burritos, Korean BBQ, fried chicken and waffles, pot pies. . .  You crave it, there is a truck for you.

I had pulled pork with coleslaw on the bun ( didn't eat the bun I am a good girl).  I rarely order pulled pork because it is usually isn't done well in California.  They gave me a sample and it was good.  Marty had fried cat fish, fries, and baked beans.  These men talked like me, so they cooked like Southerners.  Good food.

We sat at a community table.  Lots of families were there.  Truck on the left had peasant food, gourmet peasant food. The food looked and smelled really good.  Maybe next time.
On the right is a Mexican truck, to the left is a dessert truck.  Marty had ice cream with a crumble in it.  I had a tiny tiny taste, it was fabulous. 
Tuesday nights we usually are both busy, so can't make the Street Eats.  I have Book Group and Marty has a church meeting.  This summer Book doesn't meet and Marty's committee probably won't meet every week.  Looking forward to good food. 

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