Sunday, February 21, 2010


We were up early today in order to go to church. As we were getting in the car, it began to rain. Rain that wasn't supposed to start until this afternoon. So we drive to and from church in the rain. I think that puts more stars in our heavenly crowns.

The plan was to go to San Francisco to finally see Avatar on IMAX. We have tried before and the lines were awful and it has been sold out when we checked from home. So everyone in America has seen this movie and the theaters are close to empty. We were going today.

We rode BART in and were in the City by 12:25. We walked through stores to stay out of the rain and then only had a block to walk in the rain. We walk into the box office area and the lines are really long. And then we saw it on the board. IMAX sold out. We are ticked. The next showing is in 4 1/2 hours. We do not care to kick our heels that long. What to do?

The Apple Store, that is where we are headed. In the rain 3 or 4 blocks away. Remember I have Marty's old iphone. And the battery doesn't hold a charge sometimes. (the reason we got rid of my Razor) We have tried to talk to someone at Apple and can't get an appointment at a time we need. So Sunday before 12:45 we should be able to get someone to help us. Wrong. There were no appointments for the rest of the day.

We got back on BART and came home.

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