Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday we went to a Super Bowl Party. Lots of food, lots of champagne, lots of diverse guests. There were guests in their early 20's up to the oldest, Marty and me in our 60's. We had a fun afternoon.

We are not sports fans, except for March Madness. Then we are rabid University of Kentucky and University of Louisville fans. Marty went to both schools. Pro sports, don't really care. We like the people and the commercials at the Super Bowl parties. I did have an issue with one part of this party.

At half time some of the people started all but booing THE WHO. They were too old, they were off key, when a shirt came untucked, boos for old man belly. Why wasn't some young group doing half time? On and On with the old taunts. Since I am older than anyone in THE WHO, I quickly got tired of it. The main person yelling at the screen may have been in her 40's. She looked like she had been rode hard and been put up wet. Looked way older than her age. I am aging much better than she is. I finally told them to hush, I was older than anyone in THE WHO and I didn't want anymore slams on aging. That slowed them down some, but the aging slams continued.

I guess they all think they will be young forever. WRONG, time marches on. And if you picked the wrong grandparents, you can look like hell at 50. Thank goodness Marty and I picked the right grandparents, we are aging gracefully.

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