Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last night a friend emailed me that there were no links on Tuesday's blog. And I had told you all to check out the links. Well, I went to my blog, not signed in, and there were all 5 links in a neon green. I wrote back, yes there are. She writes back no there aren't.

I had Marty pull up the blog and he says, no links. I looked and they were there, faintly. And the colors are not what I see on my computer. I found out every computer shows different tones of the colors I so carefully picked out. My blue gray was just grey. And my links in green were grey. I so don't understand this. I accept the colors could be different, maybe. But if two colors are used, the same ratio of different tones should still be there.

Last night I changed settings to a butt ugly pink to make the links stand out. Go back and click on the links now that you can find them. I really found a lot of information for that blog.

I hate the look. So I will be playing with the colors this weekend to find something pleasing. And something that will show up on other computers.

I now understand people who write click here instead of highlighting a word.

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