Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Tuesday was school day. I worked with nearly every child in the room on one skill or another. We worked on different math skills, reading out loud, sight words, phonics, and creative writing. These children are way more sophisticated than you and I were at 6 or 7 years old.

The students were asked to write about the 4 day weekend. One little boy wrote about the family's trip to the coast. They ate oysters and he ate two. I just can't imagine a 7 year old eating oysters. We then worked on the long o sound: o, o_e, ow, oa. They listed words such as boat, doze, tow, toe, know, etc. And then a little girl said roe. Ms. H and I thought row and she started to give an example of row a boat and put it in the ow column. "No", said S, "roe fish eggs you eat." I was probably in my 40"s when I even thought about eating roe. I had heard of caviar but did not think about other fish eggs. California kids amaze with their knowledge/exposure to extreme foods.

Wednesday, today, I arrived at the marriage factory and the place was packed. The volunteer before me was run off her feet. She usually averages 3 weddings. Today she never sat down, one wedding after another. And it did not let up when I took over. For the day 20 weddings. High for a Wednesday. I think I did between 8 and 10 weddings. I really don't know. I just picked up the licenses and did the job.

Two couples stand out; a military couple and an older couple, early 50's. The older couple had two divorces each. She was in a white chiffony dress. The bride was a junior plenty. The dress was a Grecian style top with crissed cross tied straps in the back. The girls were covered, but just barely. The straps were doing more than they were designed to do. The couple's children from previous marriages were there. The teenagers and a little older children were so excited about this wedding. This was such a sweet loving couple. She was teary and he was intense. I forgave her for a white dress that was too small. They were so loving and tender.

Couple 2, military. She was from San Ramon, he was also. Except he is stationed in Texas. He wore desert camouflage, she was in slacks and a casual top. They were so intense. So in love.

It breaks my heart when I see soldiers in uniform. I have career Air Force people in my family and it hits too close to home to see these young men and women service people. I thank all our military for keeping us safe .

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