Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This week I did maybe a total of 8 wedding ceremonies. They were all sweet: crying brides, giggling brides, crying grooms. Lots of sweet love in the room.

But we had a doozy today. I didn't even have to perform the ceremony. I was helping a woman with limited English fill in a request for a birth certificate. I multi task for the county. Anyway, a couple comes around the corner fussin' and fighting'. "You lost it, you did, it's your fault, we are to get married today. . ." This is one mad couple. And I found out what is going on 10 minutes later.

The couple bought a license this morning, and then, they lost it. They are there to get a replacement. We no longer do duplicates, so they had to buy another. Clerk J redid all the info while the couple kept arguing. Then she had to void the old license. Every now and then they would tell J to hurry up, they had an appointment at 4:00. They punched in around 3:30. There were people ahead of them. At a little after 4:00 they had a new license with orders to tear up the old license if they find it. They took off.

Oh,, their appointment, they had a church full of guests waiting for them for a 4:00 wedding. The clerks and I felt this was not a good omen for them.

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