Friday, February 19, 2010


Background: Marty is hot glass artist. We have lots of his work in the house, for our pleasure and for inventory for the galleries he sells to. We also have lots of art glass by other artists all over the house. We have glass shelves. Our house is full of glass. So what do you think is an awful sound to us? Yes, the sound of breaking glass.

As I was taking up dinner we heard it. A crash and the sound of breaking glass, lots of glass. We ran toward the living room and then we saw it. A medium size picture in the foyer had come off the wall, the picture hanger had failed. We had glass all over the foyer, into the living room, into the dining room, and on the steps going upstairs. Big pieces, little pieces, teeny tiny pieces. We decided to eat and then clean it up. Hot food doesn't wait. After dinner I picked up glass forever. And then I ran the sweeper for the pieces too little to pick up. Oh, Marty was cleaning up the kitchen while I dealt with the glass.

Thank goodness it was only a picture and not some of our treasures. I was just sure a glass shelf had failed (which is a piece of art itself) and we had lost lots of art pieces. You just can't believe the sound of one picture hitting a tile floor, and how long it went on.

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