Friday, February 5, 2010


When I arrived at the County Building on Wednesday, I asked a clerk for some help. A friend had been notified about a tax lien on a house he sold years ago. Nothing made sense. I asked what he should do, which department and or building he should go to. And she said call him and get the info from him. Before I was off the phone, she and another clerk had pulled up documents he would need, printed them, and certified them. After I got home he had more info from the title company that conflicted with what we had found. The next morning I called one of the lead clerks and asked her what we should do. She pulled it all up, told us about the new problem, and told us where to go for help. The clerks did me such a gracious service. They saved my friend hours of time. He now knew what to do, and where to go to accomplish it.

Thank you Clerks of Alameda CountyVitals.

Wednesday was a slowish spaced out day at the marriage factory. I only did four weddings. They were four lovely, deeply in love couples. After the trash on Monday, I needed sweetness in the marriage room.

Some couples were dressed up. One couple the bride was in a beige chiffon dress,with a slip on thank you very much. He had on a really good looking shirt and dress slacks. I started the ceremony and he started tearing up, and then went into tears overflowing. I handed them tissues and she wiped his eyes throughout the ceremony. I love to see the big burly guys get emotional.

Another couple gave me a little worry. She had on a pink and brown silky, diagonally striped dress. He had on a suit. She was cute and bubbly, until I began the ceremony. She immediately became very still and very very pale. I was afraid she was going to hit the ground. I kept watching, asked if she was OK. She hung in there and made it through, upright. The second I pronounced them married, the groom swept her up above his head and swung her around. They were both laughing and hugging. Such joy, such obvious love. Made my heart happy.

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