Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A friend emailed today and wanted to know why I haven't commented on AI or DWTS. If you remember last year I gave reports regularly. Well, this year I don't feel the love for either show.

American Idol:
I can not believe the good if not possibly great singers were voted off the first couple of weeks. And the awful, terrible, boring, just plain bad singers have stayed. This is a year of multiple Sanjayas. America just keeps voting for bad singers. The two or three singers we like are not really goose bump worthy. At least tonight all of the bottom three needed to go home. Too bad they could only send Didi home.

Dancing With the Stars:
Where do I begin? I guess with our American hero, Buzz Aldrin. Yes, he is an icon of space travel. Yes, we admire him. But he is 80 years old and it is painful watching him dance. He can't dance, and I bet when he was 25 he couldn't dance. But America won't send him home for a long time. Others dancers are really poor and they weren't even in the bottom two. We have reality star Kate Gosselin who is worse than Buzz. He at least is a nice person. After watching this week I can see why Jon left her. She is so hateful her pro partner quit the show and walked out. He later came back, probably couldn't get out of his contract. We have a football star (I guess he is a star, I don't do football) who looks clumsy.

It was interesting watching the tapes of rehearsal. Most of the stars were arguing and being prima donnas with the pros. I haven't seen this before. Think about it, people who can't walk and chew gum are telling professional dancers how to teach dance. And they are complaining about how hard dancing is. Well, yes, it is as physically hard as playing football, tennis, and most other sports.

We will probably keep watching. And I will keep bitching.

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