Thursday, May 27, 2010


As I have written before, driving to the county building is an adventure.  Well, driving anywhere is.  Wednesday as I drove to the county building I was tested to a breaking point.  I really wanted to drive a tank down Broadway and Webster and just go for the idiots.

1.  This is my lane.  Do not straddle the line and take your half in the middle.  IT IS MY LANE.  MOVE OVER.  That especially means you AC Transit.

2.  Yes, the pedestrian has the right away.  But I am already moving through the intersection in a big honking SUV.  Do not step out in front of me.  REPEAT, do not step out in front of me.  I take a little longer to stop than a person walking.

3.  You there, the idiot on the bicycle.  Ride on the road, follow the rules of the road.  Do not zip through your red light and cut in front of me.  I have very good insurance, I am really tempted not to stop for you.  Check out Darwin's theory survival of the fittest.  I will just be doing my job as a superior being.

4. I am glad you found a parking spot.  Do you have to slam it into reverse and back up 6 car lengths, without looking behind you?  The 10 cars behind you do not want to move into another lane.

5.  Hey pedestrians, do you see that the light is green for me and red for you?  That means you have to wait just as I was waiting before.  It is called rules of the road.  See survival of the fittest. 

6.  I can almost forgive UPS for double parking.  They are bigger than me, survival of the fittest rules.  But for the average driver to just stop and turn on hazard lights as he/she runs in to pick up something at a store. Hazard lights just give me a more defined target.

Yes, I have a low tolerance for idiots.  And I almost can understand road rage.  But I control myself.  If I hit them the paper work would be endless.  If I yell at them, that could be dangerous.  I live in Oakland.  Most people are packing.  So I vent here.


vallerose said...

Number 3- candidates for the Darwin Awards. People who take themselves out of the gene pool by doing something stupid. It is definitely getting crazier and crazier out there.

Janet Rudolph said...

I agree with Vallery's comment.